Jessica Buckner of Yakima posted this on Facebook shortly after her birthday weekend came to a close.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I had the best birthday 'weekend' in the world! I got to relax, eat cake, watch a lot of live wrestling where I got hugs from CM Punk, and kisses from John Cena! (Photographic proof coming soon)

townsquare media

The photographic proof is here! John Cena gave Jessica Buckner of Yakima a kiss on the hand because it was her birthday. Jessica and her boyfriend Bruce were in attendance at the WWE Smackdown event in Portland, OR this past week. As the show came to a close John Cena went around the ring to high five and shake hands, that is until he got to Jessica. She had a bright pink sign thanking WWE for the Best Birthday in the World. John Cena stopped and read her sign, he then grabbed her hand and he gave her a kiss in a very classy way. John Cena didn't have to stop or even read her sign, but the fact he did speaks volumes about the man. I know he made her birthday one she will always remember. I mean, how can you forget that John Cena kissed your hand on your birthday?