Brooks n Dunn shocked the world when they called it quits after 20 years together.  Now if you stop and think about their story you will find two young aspiring country singers who found a calling as the most succesful country duo in history.  Both had hopes of becoming solo artists and for Ronnie Dunn that goal is finally complete.  After ruling the Country Duo category at every awards show, selling over 30 million records and entertaining fans for 20 years, they had Dunn it all and won it all.  Now Ronnie Dunn is here with his first ever solo album. After recording 34 tracks he decided on 12 awesome songs that you can enjoy by picking up his new CD simply titled Ronnie Dunn.  Listen tonight at 6 PM tonight for the debut of Ronnie's new album along with your chance to win tickets to his July 21st show at the Sundome.