Just when you think society has turned a corner, and the days of discrimination are far behind, something like this happens to jar you back into the cold, chilling reality.

David Hoogland of Morley, Australia says he was kicked out of a bar last weekend . . . because of his MULLET.

David was hanging out with his fiancée and some friends at a bar called Print Hall, when management had security escort him out.  And David is CONVINCED it's because of the long, luxurious mullet he's been growing for TEN YEARS.

Quote, "I'm not in a gang, I don't have tattoos all over me, I'm just an everyday person."  He was wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and nice shoes at the time.  But the bouncers told him they didn't want his "type" there.

When reporters called Print Hall, they wouldn't confirm or deny kicking David out over his mullet.

the west australian