Over the weekend I went to my first ever Rock and Roll show in Tacoma. I was very excited to see Nickelback, Seether, Bush and My Darkest Days. I've been a fan of Nickelback for years, in fact their song "Burn it to the Ground" is the theme song to WWE's Monday Night Raw (of which I'm a big fan.)

I never expected or thought I would meet the sound guy for Nickelback the night before the show...and it's a funny story because I was talking to the DJ about songs and he came over to the booth and the DJ introduced me to Orris Henry III. He looked like a rock guy and talked like a rock guy and sure enough if he wasn't THE main man behind the sound board of one of the biggest acts in the world. Also hanging out with Orris (and I should have got a pic) was their guitar tech Rob Dawson who ended up playing a song with the band the next night.

It was cool to have a brush with people who are on the tour and I found this video of Orris on the job from the 2009 tour. This is one reason why I'm very friendly to everyone, because you never know who you're going to run into or meet. It goes to show you that you can get closer the big life than you think, and don't make fun of my rock face!