The 2013 Yakima National Day of Prayer Mayors Prayer Luncheon is set for Thursday May 2nd at the Howard Johnson Plaza 9 N 9th Street. The event will run from Noon-1:15pm.

Tickets are 14.00 per person available at HeBrews 11:1 drive through Coffee Stand, Inklings Bookstore, or Fiddlesticks until April 29th. They will also be available at the luncheon.

The theme is 'Hope for Yakima.' City Leaders Speak about the importance of prayer and how prayer has helped guide them through the tough position of leadership in today's world.

We asked Mayor Cawley why prayer is so important to Yakima, he said "It causes us to take a moment to ask for guidance and advice and really think about what we are trying to do as city leaders."

Dr. Dennis Crane is the local National Day of Prayer Committee chairman. For more information contact 248.1934.

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