Earlier this month, Michele and I mentioned that Pizza Hut is creating a new stuffed crust pizza . . . only instead of stuffing it with cheese, they stuffed the crust with HOTDOGS.  Tragically, it's only offered in Thailand, Japan, and the U.K.  Not over here.

Well, they've done it again.  They've introduced another revolutionarily unhealthy pizza . . . but not in the country that put unhealthy living on the map.

Middle Eastern Pizza Huts have rolled out two new pizzas . . . one with a crust made out of CHEESEBURGERS, and one with a crust made out of chicken fillets.

It's hard to envision how they did that.  But luckily we've got a picture! It's a crust with about a dozen small, circular, open-faced sandwiches linked together on the outside, and a pizza in the middle.  THAT'S what they did.  But not for us Americans.

And, like the hotdog pizza, there's no word on whether Pizza Hut is even CONSIDERING introducing these pizzas to the U.S.   I hope they do... I'm not sure about you, but this Cheeseburger crust pizza looks delicious!