Welcome to the first of many blogs over the course of the next two years. Today is very windy in the Yakima Valley and we are coming off a few days of unusual rain here in the heart of Central Washington.

I won’t waste anytime getting to questions submitted through the 92.9 The Bull website. First question I received was how do I feel about Presidential candidate Ron Paul? To tell you the truth, I’m not inspired by any of the Republican candidates. Politics at that level is a very nasty business and it’s hard to filter through the lies. Ron Paul is taking his second run at the White House and I think his campaign this year has more momentum than the 2008 race. He has some good ideas on how to get the economy back on track and wants to tackle some tough issues like immigration which is long overdue in this country. His major problem getting off the ground despite a strong grass roots effort is his ability to raise enough money to compete with the likes of Mitt Romney. He is not the most charismatic candidate and that severely damages his ability to get out an effective message. I have a lot of friends who are supporting him and applaud them for being involved in the process that is the only way to make a difference.

The next question was how to get in touch with U.S. Senator Patty Murray. The easiest way is to contact her with a local request is to call the Yakima office. The phone number for the local office is 509-453-7462. By calling the Yakima office it will at least help you get an answer to your request from someone who works in the valley. They may be more familiar with the issue and you won’t get lost in the DC mix.

On a side note I’m excited to interview the City Manager candidates with the rest of the Council in late April. Next to the people of Yakima, the City Manager is the most important person in our form of government. We need someone to come in a help the Council and the Community change our image and deal with the tough issues head on.

If you have a question, please follow the link to the form and I’ll do my best to answer them in my next blog. Have a great rest of the week and one more thing…Congrats again to the 4A Basketball State Champs, I have proclaimed today March 28th as The “Davis Pirates State Champion Day” in the city of Yakima. You make us proud and I guarantee that will help put Yakima on the map for years to come! -Micah