black friday

Would You Camp Out for Three Weeks for a Sale?
I'd heard rumors that people were already starting to camp out for Black Friday and thought that it just couldn't be true! I'm all for getting a good deal, but that's just crazy.
Sure enough, though, two ladies in California are already camping outside a Best Buy -- 22 days before…
Walmart Kicks Off Black Friday a Week Early
Black Friday is the biggest holiday shopping day of the year where toys, electronics and so much more is priced to sell. People stampede through stores getting all of the best deals and best values of the year. It used to start early; the day after Thanksgiving...
Did you Score Big on Black Friday?
I was going to try to get out and shop for Black Friday, but I did most of the cooking on Thanksgiving. So ... I was exhausted and the sales started early Thursday night.
My husband and father-in-law thought that they could roll up to Kmart Thursday morning right before the doors opened at 6am and sc…

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