I worked in retail for the majority of my "working days" until coming into the Media realm of the world. Hooked on Toys specifically here in Wenatchee WA. With that being said, if you want to stay on your retail workers "good side," I highly, let me repeat, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT using the following phrases this holiday season, actually any season. Just stop.

Phrases to Avoid saying to Retail Workers:

1. "Must Be Free!"


You Shut your mouth when you are talking to me! If something does not scan when the cashier is checking your items out, IT'S NOT FREE! That is the quickest way to get an eyeroll, and it's not rude to do just for the simple fact that, YOU AREN'T THE FIRST PERSON TO SAY IT! Ok, rant over.

2. "May I SpEaK tO tHe MaNaGeR?!"


Sure, *Name that starts with a "K", let me get right on that. The only way this feels better is if the person is aLrEaDy talking to the manager. hahaha

3. "Are You New?"


So, what if the person is new! Are you disregarding the fact that that person is under a ton of stress and has already heard Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas" song 12 times that day because the store they work at only plays Christmas music during the holidays... No? Didn't think of that? Cool.

4. "Smile" and/or "Don't Forget to Smile!"


If you say this... Welcome to the world of Fake Smiles. Brought to you by the annoyed retail worker who just wants to be home and cuddled up on the couch, but they can't cause they need to afford rent/car payments/food/whatever else, so they are stuck helping your chipper rear.

5. "But on the shelf it said..."


Now this phrase can't be avoided sometimes, I get that point-of-sale kiosks CAN mess up, but it's not the retail workers fault, and maybe, just maybe if time is willing, you wait to bring this up when the cashier or worker isn't so swamped.

*BONUS 6: "I've spent so much money here; you should thank me for your check!"


If for a second you may be thinking, "Thats never said," please rethink. I have had this said to me personally. And the inner me said, "Sir, you spend a dime compared to most, please leave." But of course, I gave the "Ha, riiight." Because, well, bills.

Now go be free with your shopping and NEVER say, "It Must Be Free!"


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