Best Night of Our Lives: Prime Memories of Prom
I was having dinner on Saturday with the family at Gasperetti's and the table across from us was full of high school seniors from Sunnyside. The group was dressed to the nines and that can mean only one thing: senior prom.
If You Got Taxed, Cefus Gets Waxed [VIDEO]
This Wednesday (April 15) we as Americans will reach the deadline to file our income tax with the federal government. In honor of this momentous holiday we want to reward those who have to pay this year. We've got a fun little game planned called "You got taxed and he gets waxed.&q…
Watershed 2015: Let the Games Begin [VIDEO]
A battle of the ages: Two men with so much passion to earn their way to this summer's Watershed Festival they at the Gorge Amphitheatre are willing to risk their health and safety just to win a pair of tickets to the July 31-Aug. 2 country music blowout.
Cefus gets stood up for lunch at Carl’s Jr. [WATCH]
It was a rough day for me, to say the least. I had lunch set up with some listeners at Carl's Jr. to try the All Natural Burger (which was really tasty by the way). You can watch the video and see what went wrong. Rik and Michele will never let me live this one down.
Cefus Tests the Waters at Pirate Plunder
Arrrr, matey! I thought I would try and face my fears at the Pirate Plunder this past weekend. It took me a few minutes, but I made it through the cargo net and fire pole obstacle. I guess I know what to expect for next year.
‘Empowered’ By Becky the Consultant, Cefus Mentors Lindsay
Coming up on my 14th anniversary with 92.9 The Bull, I thought I should impart some radio wisdom to Lindsay, the new girl in the Morning Bullpen. Becky the Consultant -- who was in town a few weeks ago -- really understands me, which makes me realize it's time to lead the next generation of new…
A Morning Bull-Pen Coup? [VIDEO]
I thought it would be a good idea to make some changes to The Bull while Rik was on vacation last week. I mean after all, Becky the Consultant did give me a stellar review when she was in town a while back ..
Return of Becky the Consultant [VIDEO]
Finally, I get some recognition around this place -- and it comes from legendary programmer Becky Brenner, who drops by from time to time to critique our work and keep us on our toes.
Becky was in town again last week, and since we just got word that our ratings are tops among all local country stati…

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