Selah Has A Mini Park – For A Mini Break
I always drive by Tree Top and the Red Apple. For the longest time, between the two, there has always been this ugly dirt lot. But, that has changed.
Tree Top has made the cutest little 'Mini Park' for people that are walking by. It is pretty cool...
The Story Of Mr. G And Jellybean Will Tear You Up [VIDEO]
I'm an animal lover and seeing this video made my eyes tear up. It's a touching sad-to-happy story as Mr. G the goat is separated from his burro friend, Jellybean. It is the real life story with shades of that dog and horse Budweiser commercial we liked so much during the Super Bowl. Speci…
Toddler Eats Too Much Food and in Adorable Video
Although we may not know the name of this baby, this three and a half-year-old child contemplates all of the food items they ate while doing his business in the bathroom as Mommy and Daddy from DefinitiveBabySign record the conversation through the door.

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