Who Was Saint Patrick Anyway?
Just like the limerick 'Whisky In A Jar'o', Some things about St. Patrick's day are unclear of it is origin.  We do know that he was British and he was kidnapped by the Irish forced to work as a slave. That is kind of a sad story considering it shaped Ireland's national…
Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility Tours
Since our landscape is changing with the forest of Wind Machines that are producing energy, it has me wondering how they work and what else they are doing to produce more enegry. You can find out how now!
Company Uses Elephant Dung for Eco-Friendly Paper Products
Instead of cutting down tons of trees to manufacture paper, a new organization is utilizing something completely revolutionary: animal poop.
Though it sounds zany and quite messy, in this case the whole paper-making process is quite the opposite. That's because elephants have diets high in fiber, whi…