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Mayor’s Blog: First Trip Through the Yakima MLK Underpass [VIDEO]
It's officially open for traffic now -- the Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard underpass was dedicated today by a number of statewide and local leaders. I had the honor of hosting the ceremony that included speeches from state Sen. Curtis King and regional director Don Whitehouse, regional director o…
Mayor’s Blog: Something Has to Give if We Cut the Utility Tax
Yakima City Council meetings can get heated, especially when the topic involves taxes. For some reason it's tough to have a civil conversation and debate when dealing with an issue like that.
At last night's meeting, Councilman Rick Ensey made a motion to lower the utility tax by 2 percent,…
A social media craze is making its way through Washington state, and now you have police officers using the ice challenge as a clever way to raise money for the officer-down memorial fund.
I was called out by Tony Andrews from the Yakima Police Department to take the ice challenge, which involves dum…
Cefus and Kristina Engagement Photos
Sometimes we need to take time out from the rat race and enjoy quality time with the people we love.
I was able to do that last week during an engagement photo session with my beautiful fiancee and Memory Montage Photography. Tavis and Amy Guild toted us all around the Yakima Valley and captured some…
Why You Need to Know Your Value [MAYOR’S BLOG]
Lately I've been thinking about value. The value of the things we use to get through this life comfortably. Our personal value to our family and friends and even our employers. You have to put a value on yourself and then you need to live up to that standard.
The Bottom Line on The Troubled Tiger Mart Sites [MAYOR’S BLOG]
If you can remember way back when there was a time when the Tiger Marts were successful gas stations in prime locations throughout the City of Yakima. Today (like they have for many years) sit vacant as the owner refuses to clean them up and so they can once again become productive pieces of propert…

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