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Why Did a Box From HBO Almost Make Me Cry?
When the last episode of HBO's "True Blood" aired, I kept seeing all these people posting pics of the "True Blood" swag that HBO had sent them.
The gifts included little black coffins that said "True Blood" and were personalized with the person's Twitter handle. And each…
Goodbyes Suck! [SPOILERS]
I was watching the clock with sadness and excitement. Sad ... that the show and characters I love was coming to an end. Excited ... as to how it would all end. (Hopefully, not like the dumb ending "The Sopranos" had!)
I started crying before it even aired ... the final episode of "True…
Alexandar Skarsgard Could Be Mine!
This may be the closest I get to Alexandar Skasrgard ... purchasing something that he wore or touched while on the set of "True Blood."
Some of the items from the set of "True Blood" have gone up for auction! The auction started yesterday and runs for five days.
I've had my eye on …
… And Then There Were Two
As I was watching "True Blood" last night ... I started to get that feeling you get when you've been reading a good book and you're near the last chapter. You're super-excited to learn how the story will end, but so depressed and sad that your time with the character…
‘True Blood’ Review: “Death Is Not the End”
‘True Blood’ season 7 spurts out its 4th episode of the final year, “Death Is Not the End,” as Eric and Pam return to Bon Temps just in time for Sookie, Bill and the others to mount a rescue mission at Fangtasia against the infected vampires, with deadly consequences.
Watching ‘True Blood’ is Draining Me
It's a roller coaster of emotions for me as I watch each episode of the seventh and final season of "True Blood."
Sad -- because my favorite show with my beloved characters will not be seen again.
Happy -- to finally see my favorite show with my favorite characters after a whole year.
True Blood Announces Start Date For Final Season
Ok Trubies ... we've been waiting for this for a year! HBO finally announced a start date to True Blood for the 7th and final season. Mark your calendars in blood red for Sunday, June 22nd.
It's going to be bitter sweet. I'm excited that the new season will start, but at the same time …

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