The website analyzed the Social Security Administration's full list of baby names from 2011.  They weren't looking for the most popular names . . . they were looking for the OBSCURE names.  Here are some highlights:

Alcohol. There were five girls named Tequila last year, and five boys named Patron.  There were also nine girls named Chardonnay and 12 named Abeer.

Criminal. There were 12 boys named Juvenal . . . six named Corleone . . . and five each for the names Capone, Gotti, Innocent, Bates, and Notorious.

Celebrities. There were five boys named Swayze, as in PATRICK SWAYZE.  Six girls were named Brees, as in DREW BREES.  Five boys were named Draper, like DON DRAPER.  And six girls were named Tiger . . . possibly after their father.

Random. Five girls were named Moo, six girls were named Latina, six girls were named Tomorrow, six boys were named Cougar, seven boys were named Tron, and seven girls were named Eh.