Using WWE's wording on their website, The Undertaker and Triple H "strongly indicated a WrestleMania showdown" on Monday's episode of Raw when both men returned from prolonged TV absences.

At the top of the second hour, Taker was revealed as the mystery man in the "2/21/11" vignettes that had aired the previous three weeks on Raw. Throughout the first hour, a countdown clock built anticipation for the reveal.

After Taker returned to the ring, Triple H's music hit and Hunter emerged in street clothes. Hunter, who has not been on TV since April 2010, walked into the ring to pose for the fans as Taker unflinchingly stood still.

Taker and Hunter came face-to-face, then Hunter directed Taker's eyes toward the WrestleMania 27 banner hanging atop the arena. Taker smirked and walked off, as if to say "no."

Taker then turned back to Hunter and gave him the throat-slash gesture. Hunter backed up a few feet, then did a crotch chop in front of Taker. The two men resumed their position of being face-to-face as the segment faded to commercial.

Back from break, Raw announcer Michael Cole suggested to the audience that the two men will face each other at WrestleMania. It will eventually become official as the storyline plays out.  By James Caldwell, Torch assistant editor. PWTorch.com