Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce the return of "Follies" to center stage at the Capitol Theatre on March 2, 2013. A Broadway-style show and fundraiser, The Follies showcases local community and hospital talent. The funds raised from the 2013 Follies will benefit Memorial's campaign for healthier children in the Yakima Valley.

"Our greatest asset in the Yakima Valley are our children," says Rick Linneweh, Memorial Hospital CEO. "The Follies is a community tradition dating back decades, and Memorial is excited to continue the tradition for new generations to enjoy. We are extremely proud to have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local healthcare programs and services."

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The Follies started in 1990, when Mrs. Bill Robertson said "let's bring the Follies to Yakima." Since that first event, the Follies has continued to impact our community by raising funds and awareness for Children's Village, Memorial's NICU, and various other healthcare services.

2013 Follies

We are excited for Follies to make its 10th appearance on stage and want to provide you with information you will need to make this the best Follies yet! Please don't hesitate to ask questions of any of the Talent Committee or Coordinators. We are here to make sure you are having FUN!

Jaime Donegan - Director
Mark Myers - Follies Coordinator
Kim Stracke - Costume Coordinator
Bart Roderick - Band Coordinator
Carol Vanevenhoven - Talent Committee
Penny Myers - Talent Committee
Kay Carbery - Talent Committee
Teresa Pritchard - Talent Committee
Randy Cline - Talent Committee

What are the Follies?

Follies started back in 1990 where the first time we introduced the idea for Children's Village to the community. Since then Follies has taken on many different causes and feels, and we are proud to be doing a Follies that will benefit the children's healthcare programs here in Yakima.

The 2013 Follies is a fundraiser for the pediatric healthcare services that Memorial provides to the community and we have added new multimedia aspects to the show to feature these great services.

Follies relies on corporate sponsors and community giving, but above all ticket sales to make the show a huge success. We encourage you to ask neighbors, friends, and family to buy tickets to the show. (There is nothing more exciting in the theatre world than performing to a sold out theatre.) We ask for your help in marketing Follies around the valley.

We are here to have fun! Jaime Donegan so eloquently puts it, "this is a place for adults to play!" This is the time you can relax, make friends, and have a good time.