I love reading MSN articles about relationships and life. Most of their online pieces come from Redbook or Glamour and they can help us guys do a better job on special days like birthday's, anniversary's or holiday's.

All your significant other wants is for you to put some thought into her and what she wants. She wants to make sure you listen to her and that her gifts reflect that attention to detail.


So what does it mean if you get her diamonds? I love they way this MSN article from Glamour frames it up.

What it means: We’re engaged to be engaged.

You don’t flash the stones around without realizing the metaphor. Put those babies on a different mounting and you’ve got yourself a registry at Bed Bath & Beyond.

So make sure before you buy her diamonds you think about this, if you are married it's an expectation if you can afford it. But who are we kidding...these are just materiel positions and real love is not based on gifts. Now, they've never hurt any relationship! Happy Valentine's Day!