Kiersten Louk is a Senior at West Valley High School.  For her Senior Project, she decided to help out a fellow classmate.  This classmate is Matt Caldwell.  Matt is a fellow student and good friend of Kiersten's and also attends West Valley High School.

Kiersten went on air with Gunner and Michele on Monday to talk all about this and tell us about Matt.

Matt was born without his right hand and has lived without one for all 17 years of his life.  A prosthetic for Matt costs about $30,000.  Insurance will cover all but about $8,000 of it.  So for her Senior project, Kiersten has chosen to raise the $8k so that Matt can get his prosthetic!  It blew us away that she would put the time and energy into this, and help a fellow classmate & friend.

Kiersten will be out at Wrays on 56th & Summitview in Yakima on October 28th collecting money.  She also mentioned that she is attempting to get collection cans into the Wrays Store as well.

There is also an account set up at Yakima Federal Savings for those who would like to donate.  Just mention that you would like the money to go to "Matt Caldwell".