Now that school officially begins this week up and down the Yakima valley I can’t help but think about my days in the classroom.  Sometimes I wish I could go back and change a few things…like my grades!  In all seriousness though, my education was the foundation for the person I am today.  Knowledge is power and that’s why even after we are out of school we never really stop learning. 

As I reflect on my school days I know none of it would be possible without great teachers.  Teachers are the glue that holds our fossil old education system together.   In fact some teachers that I didn’t care for in school have had a profound impact on my life years later.  I really enjoy seeing them when I’m around town, being able to call them by their first name knowing that I’ve earned their respect and have grown into a fine young adult in large part due to their work. 

I’m sitting here with a few teachers in mind thinking about how even today I’m able to call them up an know they would still be there if I needed them.  So as your kids are heading back to school, let’s take a moment to remember our favorite teachers and thank for all they did to help make us better people.

Here are a few of my favorites: Mr. Clauss, Mrs. Johnson (WV currently), Mr. Olive, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Fine, Mr. Cline, Mr. Froula, Rock, Mr. Kurtz, Mr. Cooper, Mrs. Mills, Mr. Durr, Mrs. Hernandez, Mr. and Mrs. Roderick, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Bush, Mrs. Lund, Mrs. Lennington, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. McMurray, Mr. Allison, Mrs. Weddle, Mrs. Clark, Mr. Hintze, and I could go on and on…enough about me…who are/were your favorite teachers? Comment below, I would love to talk about them on the air tomorrow!