My wife and I were out the other day looking for a sweet treat. Not much was open and we wanted something quick, so we chose the Dairy Queen on 72nd where my wife ordered a great tasting Choco Cherry Blizzard. I didn't want Ice Cream so I decided on an Orange Julius. I'm not sure what makes the Orange Julius so good but any chance I get to have one I take it. My wife kindly reminded me that I didn't like the Orange Julius from Dairy Queen because it didn't taste the same as the one in the Valley Mall. I told her that it was probably a one time occurrence and it would taste great. Sad to say that she was right. The Orange Julius didn't have the frothy, icy taste it's known for having. Maybe it's just me but it didn't taste like an Orange Julius. Vote in our poll and let us know if I'm crazy or if you feel the same way.