It's an age old question that's not been answered, and if it has been answered women seem to have a different view on the matter than men. I find it almost comical that all the men surveyed in this video didn't think that men and women could be just friends. The implication being that men are attracted to women and naturally want to get out the friend zone at some point.

Maybe it's human nature, but there is a real tension in relationships surrounding you partner having friends of the opposite sex. You may not want to admit that truth to me, but you know that you and your man have had these conversations. In fact it was most likely the man bringing them up. Guys tend to be more jealous than most women I know but they also seem to be the worst offenders. I have maybe 3 to 5 women that I would consider close female friends, all of them are married or dating someone and none of them (to my knowledge) have ever viewed me as a viable boyfriend option. I do not spend time alone with them on a regular basis but I still consider us close friends by the length and quality of our relationship.

So what do you think? Can Men and Women be friends? I suppose the real question should be, can men and women who have a natural attraction to each other develop a non-physical relationship and have their partner be comfortable with it?