Everyone seems to be going nuts trying to get their hands on some of the hottest tickets in town... 3-Day Watershed Tickets!

The Morning Bull-Pen has your shot to pick up a PAIR of 3-Day Watershed Tickets (a $300 Value) with "Dare or Dare to Win a Pair"!    You are probably asking... 'What's Dare or Dare to Win a pair?' Well, we're glad you asked!  We've all heard of 'Truth or Dare" right?  This is a take off of that, only without the 'Truth' part... not only is the 'Truth' part hard to verify, but its kinda boring.

At 7:35am, Gunner and Michele will give you TWO Dare options... you choose one of them and if you fulfill it, you win.  Simple as that!

And because no one has been able to fulfill their dare yet, the prize will be a little sweeter Wednesday Morning... how about a PAIR of 3-Day Watershed Passes WITH Backstage Passes?!

Your shot at the tickets, 7:35am!