As I woke up this morning and made my way into the radio station like I always do, I opened my computer and began my daily routine. I logged on to Facebook and Twitter, then checked the daily news -- including the latest headlines on WWE. I was absolutely shocked and upset to read that 30-year WWE employee and timekeeper Mark Yeaton was let go a week away from Summerslam. Let me type my feelings on this recent news: #%%^&^**&&%)%)$T)$)#@@%^%&((.

Being mayor of Yakima, I understand what it takes to oversee a multimillion-dollar budget and hundreds of employees. I understand when companies struggle financially you sometimes don't get a choice about how much money you need to cut from the budget. You do however get a choice about who you cut and why. I can't speak to nor do I understand their in-depth financials and I'm sure they don't want to make these kinds of tough choices.

What I can speak to my reaction to this kind of news and give my point of view on the situation as a lifelong fan and loyal member of the WWE Universe. I even subscribe to the WWE Network.

I first met Mark Yeaton in Seattle at a televised WWE event. He was friendly, always had a smile on his face and spoke with a Northeastern accent. I really enjoyed visiting with him at live events about football, "Star Wars" and even talking a little WWE. He was such a nice guy that when I dropped the memory card to my camera in the back he found it in what he called his "idiot check." Mark mailed it back to me with a few goodies, and it made my day. You don't find many people like that these days, people who care.

Mark would sit ringside for every WWE TV and ring the bell, throw Stone Cold his beer and manage the ringside area before, during and after events. Mark is one of those guys who is the fabric of a company like WWE -- superfans know who he is, and the fact that he makes sure WWE has what it needs to accomplish their massive production of huge events is amazing in itself.

Mark is a stand-up guy and should be given the recognition he deserves. He should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as the first non-wrestler or celebrity. I say this because Mark had a hand in everything in the show, outside of actually wrestling.

WWE won't be the same without him. The man has missed only two of 30 Wrestlemainas and and he has been an incredible representative of WWE. As a company you have have to weigh what his money means to you or what he means to you and that weight is so much more.