As always, people all over the country celebrated the birth of America by blowing up a small part of it.  And, in a few cases, a part of themselves.  Here's your July 4th firework injury roundup:

#1.)  A 24-year-old man in Tampa may lose his left thumb and ring finger after he lit a fuse on a firework mortar yesterday and it exploded in his hand.  (Tampa Bay Times)

#2.)  In Pelham, New Hampshire, 11 people were injured at a house on Tuesday night when a bunch of fireworks went off inside.  There were six adults and five children hospitalized for burns.  (CBS 4 - Boston)

#3.)  On Tuesday night, a 23-year-old man in Pierce County, Washington was hit in the right eye by an ILLEGALLY LARGE firework he was setting off and may end up LOSING THE EYE.  (FOX 13 - Seattle)

#4.)  A 19-year-old in Kenner, Louisiana lost his left hand Tuesday night and suffered, quote, "massive injuries" to his right hand, arms, and legs when he tried to remove the fuse from 144 sparklers duct taped together and they exploded.  (Bayou Buzz)

#5.)  And finally, on Tuesday night, a 46-year-old man in Pulaski County, Arkansas blew off his hand trying to celebrate Independence Day by firing off a homemade cannon.  It misfired.  (ABC 7 - Little Rock)