Let's be honest, Yakima isn't very highly regarded when it comes to a desirable city to live in out of all the cities one could live in in Washington State.

However, there are several reasons you could consider yourself lucky to live in Yakima and not many of the other cities in Washington state.

Easy to Get Anywhere
No matter where you start in Yakima, no matter the destination, there's always more than one way to get there. The benefit of having our grid-like streets is if one is down or congested it's easy to simply take another road and get us going in the right direction.

Don't Have to Look Hard for Great Beer
Hops are one of Yakima Valley's major crops as well documented. If you're a beer fan, especially IPAs, any of our local pubs and breweries will often have, not one, but a few IPAs to choose from.

The Freshest Produce
You can't top the produce from the Yakima Valley. I'd compare it to any where in the entire world. Fresh apples? I mean, you can have literally apple trees in people's front yards, the apples can't get any more fresh than that.

No Traffic
Again, going back to the fact it's easy to get anywhere, we have it very good when you compare the traffic to a Seattle or Tacoma or even one of Spokane. The most we have to worry about is maybe waiting for a second red-light rotation as an intersection.

Everything is a Day-Trip Away
Whether you're into hiking or camping or kayaking or fishing or floating the river or just wanting to get out of town for a bit, you can do it all and all within a drive to get you there and back home in the same day.

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