June felt cool compared to last year when we experienced 100+ degree days for nearly 10 days that month.

July has been warm, a couple of times hitting near the century mark. However, you may want to be sure your AC is functioning at its peak because we're about to see temperatures in the final week of July, that seem almost like a 'welcome to August' celebration.

Temperatures Over 100 Degrees Expected During the Final Week of July in Yakima

Yakima and many other cities in Eastern Washington have temperatures forecast in the 100-degree plus range for the week of July 25th. Thursday, July 28th it's expected that we'll see 108 degrees in Yakima.

It's the mid to upper 90s until then, but here's what the highs and lows are expected to be through next week, according to weather.com.

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Monday - H: 102 L: 64

Tuesday - H:104 L: 66

Wednesday - H: 105 L: 69

Thursday - H:108 L: 70

Friday - H: 105 L: 70

Ways to Stay Cool During a Summer Heatwave

1. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and thirst-quenching beverages like Gatorade.

2. Stay indoors in air-conditioning if possible.

3. Get physical activity accomplished early in the morning or in the evening when the sun has gone down. Walking the dog, watering the lawn, exercising, etc.

4. If you have to be out in the direct sunlight, wear light breathable clothing and perhaps a hat and sunglasses to cut down on exposure. If the skin is exposed, you should remember to apply at least SPF 50 sunscreen.

5. Check on friends, neighbors, and loved ones who are seasoned citizens and may need help during a heat spell. Make sure they have plenty of water and a cool place to stay.

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