It was almost exactly one year ago, when the last credible report of an experience with .....I'm almost embarrassed to say it out loud......Bigfoot, occurred in Yakima County. Oh, I'm not saying that I've summarily dismissed the notion of Sasquatch, it's just that there's such a clouded mystery surrounding the legend.

It was early morning June 22, 2019, when campers at Silver Beach near Rimrock Lake, were awakened by what's commonly referred to as: 'The Ohio Howl'.

Listen to this chilling recording:

This recording is the now-famous "Ohio Howl" recorded by Matt Moneymaker in 1994. The Rimrock Lake witness referred to this in his report to authorities: "(I) was able to recognize the sounds from the video to what I had heard. It was a terrifying sound. The best way to describe it was a howl sound between a man and a ape."

The video he refers to is: You Tube, Finding Bigfoot - The Sounds of Bigfoot.

"Heard at least four howls in the morning between 4-5 am at Silver Beach Campgrounds. The sounds were about a mile away but I could hear clearly in the morning. Thought it was wild life or maybe a person. Then I looked up a video on YouTube of people using a parabolic sound dish recording Sasquatch vocalizing sounds when I arrived back home."

He was convinced that the sounds he heard were not Elk or other wildlife and he said the sounds were "unique from human vocals" and that "the howls were "too deep and ape-like."


Washington State leads the United States by a wide margin, when it comes to Bigfoot sightings and encounters. The most recently reported visual observation coming in January of this year, the Hairy Beast was witnessed crossing the road roughly 3 miles north of the Columbia Gorge, south of Willard. Read this person's chilling account on the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website.

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