We’ve been talking about how 2020 was one of the worst years in memory. As we look at the stats and the events that occurred, it’s hard to argue. Here is 2020 in a snapshot and why we can't wait to start 2021.   
Australian fires continue to burn
03-Iranian general killed in drone strike leads to WW3 fears when Iran hits US base in Iraq in retal.
08-Harry and Meghan step back from Royal Family
21 - First COVID case confirmed by CDC
22 - LA Raiders move to Vegas
26 - Kobe Bryant, daughter and 7 others killed in helicopter crash
29 - WH Coronavirus taskforce formed (Fauci, Berks)
31 - Brexit happened (Britain leaves the EU, 3 years coming)
Coronavirus spreading in China

New Orleans Saints v Las Vegas Raiders

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4-Pelosi rips up the State of the Union address
5-Kirk Douglas dies
10- Cruise ship quarantined in Japan after coronavirus breakout w/ 200 Americans onboard
24 - Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape (sent. to 23 yrs in March)

Harvey Weinstein Appears In Court For Bail Hearing

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11-WHO calls the coronavirus a pandemic, shutdowns roll out across the globe, stocks fall, everything's cancelled, businesses close, stay-at-home orders issued, work from home, video conferences replace everything, TP shortage, no haircuts, hydroxychloroquine, baking bread, puzzles, plants/gardens
Tik Tok explodes in popularity
13 - Breonna Taylor shot 8 times by police in her apartment
20-Kenny Rogers dies
20 - Tom Brady signs with Buccaneers
24 Tokyo Olympics postponed to 2021

Trump Issues Executive Orders Barring Transactions With TikTok And WeChat

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Worldwide corona cases hit 1 million
mid-US starts protests over closures, counter-protests
Food banks use increases exponentially
NYC becomes epicenter or outbreak, spotlight on Andrew Cuomo
3 - CDC rec Face masks use
16 - 22M file for unemployment in single month
27 - Pentagon releases UFO videos
27 - US cases hit 1 million
30-armed protestors raid Michigan house of reps

2-Is Kim Jon Un alive or not?
4-Murder Hornets spotted in Washington
11- Jerry Stiller dies
16 - Tropical Storm Arthur starts most active Atlantic hurricane season on record
25 - George Floyd killed in Minneapolis after police officer knelt on his neck for 8:46, BLM protests across the country
27 - US records 100k coronavirus deaths

Washington State Department Of Agriculture Sets Traps For Asian Giant Hornets
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BLM protests spread across globe,
statues of slave owners, confederate flags, etc. torn down in US, Gone With the Wind removed/replaced on HBOMax
01-Demonstrators tear gassed at church for Trump photo op
12 - Rayshard Brooks shot in the back by police at Wendy's in Atlanta
18 - Supreme Court blocks attempt to end DACA
21- Bubba Wallace garage noose
26 - Russian bounties on US troops
29 – St Louis couple protects home from protestors
30 - MS retires last state flag in US with confederate symbol

2- FBI arrests Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell
4- Kanye announces presidential run
6- Charlie Daniels dies
8- Naya Rivera dies
15 - Twitter accounts of prominent political figures, CEOs, and celebrities are hacked to promote a bitcoin scam
17- Congressman John Lewis dies
18 - Oregon sues fed govt. over unmarked vans abduct protesters
24- Regis Philbin dies
24- West Coast wildfires
30 - Herman Cain dies
30- NBA Bubble season (Lakers Champions)
30- Ellen staff controversy

Charlie Daniels CMA Trib
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3- Hurricane Isaias makes landfall in North Carolina
4 Deadly explosion in Beirut
7- No masks or social distancing at Sturgis
7- WAP released - Megan Thee Stallion (w Cardi B)
13 - USPS loses funding/high-volume processing machines, Postal Service crisis
26 - Teenager Defends self by shoot protestors in Kenosha, WI who attacked him
26- Jeff Bezos becomes the first person in history to have a net worth exceeding $200 billion
28- Chadwick Boseman from the ‘Black Panther’ dies

9-Cuties controversy on Netflix
9-Mail in voting begins
12 - LA deputies ambushed, shot sitting in car
18 - Ruth Bader Ginsberg dies
25 - Nathan Apodaca posts Fleetwood Mac Dreams skateboard TikTok

6- Eddie Van Halen dies
15 - Flu season starts (Twindemic)
31 - Sean Connery dies

Subway Fresh Fit 500
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--OR decriminalizes heroin, cocaine, LSD
6- Johnny Depp loses "wife beater" libel case, dropped from Potter movie
8- Alex Trebek dies
9-first COVID vaccines announced
27- Monoliths start appearing


12 - Charlie Pride passes away


Yeah, that’s a bad and weird year. Let’s hope 2021 is kinder. 

All My Best, 

The JimShow 

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