You gotta hand it to Starbucks - they got that marketing on lock! Every year at this time, the world stops to drool over the idea of putting pumpkin in our coffee. Love 'em or not, Pumpkin Spice Latte Season is here.

I had my first one yesterday from that afore mentioned coffee chain. I am not a fan of sugary drinks, but I can see why people love them - it's kinda like Fall, in a cup.

What I am a fan of, is LOCAL businesses that serve Pumpkin Spice beverages. So where can you get one while serving the local economy and support local business?

Turns out there are a few, including a chain that is based in Oregon with a heavy Northwest presence. That's semi-local, so we'll take that. Another is a franchise that is LOCALLY owned. We have nothing against large coffee corporations, we just like to shop and buy local when we can. This includes franchises.

With that in mind, here are five local (and one semi-local) business(es) that are selling Pumpkin Spice laced beverages that are NOT that large conglomerates.


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Cruisin’ Coffee (two locations)

3202 W Nob Hill Blvd & 111 E Washington Ave

Yakima, WA 98902

Locally owned and operated with two locations representing the East & West sides of town. I have yet to experience Cruisin', but I hear good things. The things here is, they serve up PSL 24 / 7 - just in case you are jonsin' for the Pumpkin' Joe @ 3am.


The Human Bean

56th & Summitview in Yakima


I love this place. The service is excellent, and their coffee is TOP Notch. Plus the added touch of giving you a chocolate covered espresso bean with every order is a great addition to the Human Bean coffee experience. It is a franchise that is based in Oregon, but locally owned. You will see the owner Steve there almost daily. He is a great guy and they make a mean cup O' coffee. They also serve PSL year around. So if you want one in the middle of June, hit up The Human Bean. Shout out to their awesome App!


Coffee Cravings
118 W Yakima Ave, Yakima, WA 98902
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Another place I have yet to frequent. Near downtown if you are craving (see what I did there?) a PSL, good news! They serve it all year long! Fresh roasted locally! Love it!


C & S Coffeehouse, 40th Ave

412 S 40th Ave, Yakima, WA 98908



C&S Coffeehouse, Formerly Tom Tom Espresso serves up the PSL with dual drive thrus to keep it moving. On the corner of 40th and Bell, it's convenient and easy to get in and out with the scent of your PSL in your car!



Dutch Brothers (with 3 locations in Yakima)

305 N. 1st St Yakima

2105 S. 1st St Yakima

6520 Nob Hill Yakima

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Before moving to town, Lisa did a search and said, "OK, we can move to Yakima now!" I asked, "Why?" "Because they have not just one but THREE Dutch Brothers Coffeehouses!" She exclaimed. Their headquarters are in Oregon, and have a HUGE presence in the Northwest cause it's coffee country. They start serving PSL starting September 1st.


So, go get that Pumpkin Spice beverage while supporting the local economy and let fall begin!

All My Best,

The JimShow

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