When I was growing up, Pop-Tarts were more of a snack than a breakfast to-go item. A thin pastry with fruit or some filling inside and often frosted. I used to love them as a kid but kind of grew out of them although now they have just about any flavor you can think of from S'mores to the new ones with a pretzel-type crust. Still, love the concept. I was amused when I found a local place that made their own version of Pop-Tarts in-house and ready to go.

C & S Coffeehouse has a few snackable items to go at their 40th avenue location like cookies and more. When I was doing a drive-thru run for my place which included a flavored Red Bull drink as well as a coconut Italian cream soda (a favorite), that was the first time I noticed these Pop-Tarts. I figured I'd order some to check out just for fun.

They were just that -- fun! Cute and fun. Smaller than traditional Pop-Tarts but much thicker which more than makes up for it.

They came two in a bag. The pastry wasn't a starchy-bland flavorless mess like the ones Kellogg's tries to pawn off. These almost tasted like a cookie by themselves. Kind of like a shortbread cookie. The slight glaze of the frosting added extra sweetness to it, too.

They're too thick to fit in a toaster so if you need your Pop-Tarts warmed via toaster this wouldn't be what you're looking for but you'd like to check out a fun variation of a popular favorite, C & S Coffeehouse has these for sale. I know they have several locations in town so I'm guessing they all carry these but I found these down the street at 40th off of Tieton in Yakima.

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