Washington is home to a lot of things, coffee, amazon, bigfoot there's a bunch. But I'm gonna give you five things that are exclusive only to Washington state that you can't find anywhere else. These are things all Washingtonians should know about and if you don't no need to thank me just go check these out!

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#5.) Dick's Drive-In Burgers

Every Washingtonian knows this one, if you're on the west side in Seattle and you just got out of a show, baseball, or football game you've probably made a late-night stop to Dicks. The food is cheap but delicious, with a choice of shakes, fries, burgers, and more you just can't go wrong. opened in 1954 they've expanded across Seattle and even have a place in Kent now.

#4.) MoPOP (Museum Of Pop Culture )

The EMP was opened in 2000 in the heart of the sodo district right next to the Space Needle. Founded by the family of Jimmy Hendrix they built the museum in his memory. They have an endless museum of musical instruments and outfits from past musicians and even some current. You can also step into the "Lab" with their own recording studios to record your music. On top of all this, they have a scifi museum featuring items from movies like Back To The Future, Star Wars, Ghost Busters, and the Marvel movies.

#3.) America's Car Museum

Home to the largest collection of cars in the country, America's Car Museum has a collection of vehicles owned by Harold LeMay. After he passed away Tacoma donated ten acres of land next to the Tacoma dome to home the vehicles for the family and turned into a Car Museum.

#2.) Worlds Largest Razor Clam

Well, it's not a real razor clam but one built in the city of long beach. It even shoots water out of the top like the real thing to symbolize the tradition of harvesting these clams on the peninsula.

#1.) The Worlds Largest Building By Volume

That's right, the largest building in the world is in Washington state and can be found in Everett Washington. The Boeing Facility in Everett is the final station where the planes are fully put together and then flown to their "forever homes."

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