The freezing weather is here and it brought some snow along with it. Everyone is trying to stay warm, especially when the weather is hitting in the teens. Sadly it looks like we'll be dealing with this the rest of the week.

We wanna help make sure you're doing everything you can to keep you and your family warm during this winter storm. We put together some tips and tricks to keep your house warm while it's freezing outside.

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5.) Make Sure your Windows are Shut and Secure

Most of the cold air coming into your house can be contributed to the windows, making sure your windows are securely shut and have little to no airflow will help keep the heat already in your home or apartment. If you still feel a draft coming in or the windows not able to fully seal, try using a towel to block off any cracks.

4.) Clear Shower Curtains For your Windows

This may sound a little crazy or even come off as kinda trashy but it's a cheap and effective way of keeping your home warm. Using clear shower curtains in the windows allows direct sunlight to come into your home while keeping the cold out. Head over to the dollar store and pick yourself up a few packages just to be on the safe side.

3.) Seal Your Doors

If the air isn't coming in from the windows there's an even better chance it's finding its way under doors. Take a towel or blanket and reinforce the bottom of the door to block any cold air from sneaking into your home. Also less of a chance of letting the warmth out.

2.) Get to Baking

Another strange one I'm sure, but baking or cooking in the kitchen not only heats up that room but many others as well, all while making tasty treats. When you're using the oven the dry heat will absorb some of the cold air leaving you all the warmer.  Of course, you should never leave cooking appliances on or open to generate heat. This can cause a multitude of problems resulting in death or injuries.

1.) Close off Unused Rooms

We're all guilty of leaving random doors open in our homes, but closing those doors will help keep heat where you actually need it. When you close those doors it will stop the heat from flowing into those unused rooms where you won't need it, saving you power and money.

Hopefully, some of these tips and tricks help keep you warm, stay safe out there Yakima!


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