Pretty much everyone has thought about trying to break a world record, but only a few have actually done so. We'll show you 5 Washingtonians who broke World Records in our own backyard.

If you think you can break any of these records or if you know someone who broke a world record reaches out and give us all the details so we can write a story about you.

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5.) The Worlds Smallest State Park

This record is held by none other than Washington state itself. The Ranald MacDonald Grave state park is only 100 square feet and was created to honor and be the gravesite to a Native American that was the first English Teacher.

4.) The Largest Star Wars Collection

In a galaxy far far away found its biggest superfan in Gus Lopez, his entire home is museum-like with his collection, he also has one of the biggest cereal collections with over 1,300 boxes from multiple countries. The Force is very powerful with this one.

3.) Oldest LIving Llama in Captivity

That's right the oldest Llama in captivity is right here in Washington state, Olympia to be exact. His name is Julio Galo and at 29 years old he's one of the oldest living Llamas ever seen.

2.) Largest Dead Bird Collection in the World

Yeah we know it's a little weird but none the less it's a world record and it's held in Washington. You can actually check out this collection since it's part of a Museum in the University District The Burke Museum holds the world's largest dead bird collection, don't worry they're all taxidermied. They ask you not to feed the birds because they're already, eh? Okay, I'll stop.

1.) The Largest Hat and Boots in the World

Located in Seattle's Georgetown the Hat and Boots were built for a local gas station in 1954, but long after the gas station closing the Hat and Boots were refurbished and kept on display being the largest in the world.

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