There are several posh desserts that you can only find in the Yakima Valley. Sure, you will see variations of these mouth-watering desserts in other cities, states, and regions, but nobody does them better than we do.

Think of ordering one of these unique, flavorful,  and incredible desserts the next time you want to impress a friend, or a date! You don't even need to save room for dessert, here in the Yakima Valley can order it to go. We don't play when ot comes to our food!



Fortunately for you, the posh desserts abound in Yakima Valley. Whether you are trying a decadent Blackberry Mojito Cobbler for $10 at Eats & Elixirs or the Imperium Cheesecake Board at The Distillarium for $16, our Yakima Valley chefs know a thing or two about turning your tastebuds on a fantastic voyage.

We have given you 2 great hidden gem tantalizing posh desserts found in our neck of the woods, but wait, there's more!

5 MORE Mouth-watering Desserts You Can Only Find in Yakima Valley, WA!


Peach Galette with Oat Crumble at Essencia Bakery. 4 N 3rd St, Yakima

The menu at Essencia changes often, so call to see if they have it before you venture down there. In any case, if they are out of the Peach Galette that day, they have many other tempting pastries to purchase.

Peach Galette from Essencia Bakery
Essencia Bakery via Facebook


Roasted Mallow and Salted Caramel Beer Brownies at Bron Yr Aur in Naches for $6 each. 12160 US-12, Naches


Funnel Cake Fries at Provisions Restaurant for $13. 2710 Terrace Heights Dr, Yakima

Funnel Cake Fries at Provisions Restaurant and Market
Provisions Restaurant and Market via Facebook


Strawberry Fool at Crafted Yakima for $13. "Raspberry Mousse Cream, Yakima Berry Company Strawberries, Oat Crumble, Vanilla Cake." 22 N 1st St, Yakima



Prix Fixe dinner at Birchfield Manor includes After Dinner Handmade Chocolate from the Chef, from $49.99 to $69.99, plus tax and tip. 2018 Birchfield Rd, Yakima

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