It looks like its slowly growing in the job outlook area..A couple of Northwest Towns make the list good or bad.

In December, the national unemployment rate was 9.1 percent. The rate in 109 cities was higher than 10 percent, a significant improvement from 2009. In 2009, 66 metros had rates below 7 percent, but in 2010 that number climbed to 73 metros. It may seem like a small victory, but if you're a job seeker in one of these states, it's a welcome improvement.

Two-hundred metros experienced improved employment, but these saw the most significant increases, ranging from 17,000 new workers to 57,500:

In terms of percentage, Kennewick-Pasco-Richland, WA. 4.9  improvement and in terms of percentage, Bend, Ore. had a 3.8 December-to-December decreases.