An Arby's Takeout Bag Can Hold 25 Pounds? Yep!

We love Arby's around here at The Bull.

Next time you take a trip to Arby's @ Summitview and 40th, take a look at the bottom of the paper bag with your food. You will see one of two things - you will see a "12 lbs. bag" and the bigger "25 lbs. mod bag."

A 25 lbs bag?!?




So many questions! Why do you need a bag that holds that much? Are Arby's sandwiches that BIGand HEAVY? Has anyone recently ordered 12 lbs. of food? Much less 25 lbs.?!?

The average weight of fast food is about 2-3 lbs (sans drink). It's just hard to imagine you'd ever need to fit 50 half-pound roast beef sandwiches into a bag.

Enter TikTok.

People have just discovered that an Arby's bag is reinforced to hold all that weight. So they put it to the test with a 20-pound kettle bell in the bag and lifted it up to prove it. It passed with flying colors.

Again, why 25 lbs? We don't know. We asked our crack engineering staff if they had a engineering guess. According to Townsquare / 92.9 The Bull Engineer "Fingers" (cause he is missing some digits due to work related incidents) if he had structural engineering explanations on this fast food phenomenon.

One of "Fingers" theories (among many others) is the reinforced bag may come in handy when the bag gets greasy and the paper is compromised and weakened.

Solid theory. We are not sure, but hey, at least you know your piles of meat won't bust through the bottom and fall on the floor.

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