I'M ON AN EXTREME DIET TODAY, AND BY EXTREME DIET, I MEAN I'm only eating sandwiches for the rest of the month of August (because I just found out it is National Sandwich month, and I'm hungry)!

My favorite sandwich is at Arby's fast food restaurant, believe it or not. They make a mean Turkey Ranch Bacon Sandwich! The tanginess of the ranch dressing pairs perfectly with the crispy fried bacon, and the soft and thick rye bread brings out the sweetness of the roasted turkey. It is so thick, I usually have to take off some of the turkey so that I can actually fit a bite of the sandwich in my mouth! It's so good, it'll make you slap ya mama!

On the other hand, if you consider burgers as sandwiches, then the BEST sandwich in Yakima* is at Cowiche Canyon Kitchen & Icehouse Bar (202 East Yakima Ave)! They have this burger called The International Harvester**. If I am not ordering their crispy chicken sandwich, then I order The International Harvester burger every time I dine there. I am not the only one who loves this culinary delight! OMG. This burger is so good, it'll make you slap your mama***!

Enjoy your diet!

*The views expressed in this article are meant for entertainment purposes only. I am not a licensed tastebudtician (yes, that's a thing I made up). Seeing as how I was a food judge once for Taco Wars in Sunnyside, I am now the self-proclaimed Official Washington State Foodie Taste Tester Judge-y Person With Clout, thank you very much!

**Ground in-house daily. Cowiche roll, carmelized onion and bacon compote, Gruyere and bleu cheeses, arugula, mayonnaise, served with thin-cut fries. - The Cowiche Canyon Kitchen Menu

*** And your grandmama, too.

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