We’re on the last leg of the quarterfinals in this week’s ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Who will stay and who will go? We have no idea but we’re anxious to find out.

We already knew going into this results episode that the fate on some of America’s beloved acts in the remaining part of the quarterfinals were still unknown. It wasn’t like previous episodes where an act would mess up and automatically be x-ed out by the judges. Everyone up on that stage, except for Ulysees, had a legitimate chance of making it to the next round. Now it just depends on whether or not America really thinks any of this performers are worthy to be granted access forward.

The night begins the same as previous result shows where our hyper host Nick Cannon asks the judges what they think of this last set of performers. All of the judges know that it’s going to be a close call, so we’re surprised to see them immediately bring up David “The Bullet” Smith, Olate Dogs and Ulysees up on the stage for possible elimination. Between these three, we were biting our nails in anticipation over who would make it, and thankfully the Olate Dogs do. Now that wasn’t so painful to see.

Before we saw another couple of contestants slump their way back home, the audience was treated to a performance by pop singer Cher Lloyd. She has a Katy Perry way about her and the audience is eating it all up. It’s cute and all, but we’re ready to see who else gets chucked out of the competition.

Now here’s a trio of people up on stage that we’re nervous for. Those folks include the dance troupe Unity in Motion, Sebastien “El Charro De Oro” and William Close the Earth Harp player. We admit that between the three William Close felt the most like a Las Vegas act, but we really don’t want to see Sebastien go. He’s such a charming little ten-year-old mariachi singer, we’d like to see him advance. But sadly that’s not to be as America voted for William Close to take another step forward. Well, if that’s the case then it would be safe to place your bets on him. He’s got the most Vegas-like act out there, it’d make sense for him to be pushed up all the way to the finals.

Here comes another tough trio to see be separated into sections. They call out on the stage the cute duo band Eric & Olivia, Joe Castillo the sand painter and Horse, that one guy who gets hit in the nuts a lot. Yeah, we wouldn’t be sad seeing Horse go, but we’re sad that Eric & Olivia didn’t advance. Joe Castillo must have really reached out to viewers watching at home with his great artwork the night before on the environment. Well, we’re confident in saying that we’ll probably see Eric & Olivia again in the media at some point soon singing their adorable alternate tunes for the world to hear.

Performance time! ‘America’s Got Talent’ gives us a brief break from the tough decision making to present a short performance from the Broadway show ‘Once.’ It looks like an all right show, though we weren’t entirely sure what was going on. There’s an audience for that show somewhere.

Now onto the final elimination for the quarterfinals. Phew, finally. They bring out the dance group All That!, Lindsey Norton the gymnast and Eric Dittleman, the lackluster mind reader. We were under the impression that maybe Lindsey Norton would be the one to come out on top since she’s the most talented out of the three. But America wasn’t impressed with her as they vote in Eric Dittleman to make the next round. Really America, really? Oh well, at least the Olate Dogs made it.

Ready or not, here comes the semifinals portion of ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Be sure to check out the next episode of the reality competition next week on NBC.

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