You may have heard about us talking about this on the morning show today.  "It Works" is a company that offers products that "Tighten and Firm" your body.  I'm told this health method has been on the East Coast for years and is just now making its way to the West Coast.  The company's website says you can "Tighten, Tone and Firm in as little as 45 minutes" with some of their products.

Apparently their products are All Natural with no health side effects.  (You can read more about this here.)

We were shown three of their products this morning.  There is the 'Ultimate Body Applicator' (wrap), the pills and the drink. (They have other products available, but these three are the 'tri-fecta' to ensure results... these are the products that were presented this morning)

The Ultimate Body Applicator uses a lotion that soaks into the skin and helps 'shrink' the fat cells by detox.  The pills are a product that you take after eating a fatty meal, and it keeps your body from absorbing a lot of the fat.  And the drink is a powder that you pour into a fruit juice, or add to water, and it contains your daily amount of fruit and vegetables.

The Ultimate Body Applicator is their most popular product... the company is selling between 8 and 10 THOUSAND of the Ultimate Body Applicators A DAY.  If ordered today, there is about a 3 week wait to receive this product.  Which is understandable with the results that people have been seeing with this product.  Kristen said she lost EIGHT INCHES with these wraps. (Kristen's contact info is below).

I figured I'd give it a shot.  I was given the Ultimate Body Applicator (the wrap) on Thursday morning...  Each wrap is about 20" in length by 6" in width and contains a lotion.  I put one on my stomach and one on my chest... if all goes well, it should tighten me up a bit.   Before photo's and measurements were taken, and by tomorrow, there should be noticeable change.   I'm hoping!

I was told that I can keep this wrap on anywhere from 45 minutes to 8 hours.  I'm not sure what the difference in results would be, but I'm wanting max results, so I'll be keeping it on until this evening.

Thank you to Karen, Stacy and Kristen for coming in studio this morning!


If you are interested in buying any of the product, attending a party, or even throwing your own party, get a hold of Kristen Hursh!   Her cell# is: 509.969.1570, Email: khursh33@GMAIL.COM, or purchase product on her website... click here.