Thanksgiving is where I draw the line with Christmas shopping and who won't be getting any of my money this holiday season. A record number of retailers plan on opening earlier on Thanksgiving Day to try and make up for the shorter time from between Turkey Day and Christmas. Apparently there are 6 less days between the two major holidays and retailers are worried that lost time will hurt sales. Their answer...just open up on Thanksgiving and make up all that lost cash. Really!?

Let me get this straight, major retailers think opening on Thanksgiving will close the sales gap? I'm not sure about you but I plan on spending the entire day with my family and don't want to get up and go shopping after a roasted turkey binge.

My other concern is the employees who now have to come into work on THANKSGIVING! I suppose it was bad enough to have to get up at 4AM on Black Friday to help the angry mob of Americans trying to save a few bucks on the ad items.

Personally I would find a new job because you have to put value on yourself and the the important things in life, and frankly you can get what you need from a number of places. I'm just done with the hype and the commercialization of American holiday's. No wonder why we are where we are in this country, we've lost sight of what important. Just my 2 cents.