Brian and I had a spirited debate on sauerkraut and Ice Cream this morning. I think his taste buds have tripped the mortal coil. He is bound to convince me that this combination tastes great. I just believe sour kraut is and was solely based on a dare.

I mean, I am open to trying new foods, but the idea alone of eating sauerkraut with ice cream just does not sound appealing at all. I have had my share of interesting foods, so I am not a food snob, I just like what I like - and sauerkraut ain't one of 'em.

A couple years ago at the Gilroy Garlic Festival (In Cali), I tried Garlic Ice Cream. It was interesting and something I would not do again. But there they were, dipping into garlic Ice Cream like it was the greatest thing ever.

Getty Images / Sauerkraut Sandwhich

I have tried Escargot – didn’t like it. Caviar. DID NOT like that. Buffalo was good. Lean. A bit tough, but tasty. Had snake. A bit gamey. Recently on a trip to Nashville, I tried Grilled Octopus @ The Palm. Now that was good. It tasted like most things do, a variation of chicken. I also had my fair share of chocolate covered crickets. They were crunchy and full of protein.

Getty Images / Sauerkraut
Neilson Barnard / Sauerkraut and Sturgeon

So, it should be noted that I am not afraid to try new things. So on Friday, when we do the sauerkraut / Garlic Ice Cream, I am going into it with an open mind. Who knows, I may find a new snack.

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