An arrest warrant has been issued for a 42-year-old Yakima man for the June 12 fatal hit-and-run crash of 66-year-old Wendy Baker. Baker was killed while riding her bike with a group of other riders in the 11000 block of Summitview Road.

A charge has been filed in Yakima County Superior Court

The Yakima County Prosecutors Office has filed a charge of hit-and-run fatality against 42-year-old Juan Carlos Vargas who is not in custody. The warrant means authorities all around the country and now searching for Vargas. Bail has been set at $250,000 if he's found and arrested. Yakima County Prosecutor Joe Brusic believes he may have fled south to Mexico. An investigation continues to try and find Vargas.

The warrant says Vargas fled and did nothing to help

Prosecutors say on the morning of June 12 Vargas, driving a GMC Denali pickup struck Baker as she was riding along the side of the road. They say he crossed the fog line struck Baker and then fled the scene. They accuse Vargas of failing to stop and offer any help or assistance or any other information that could identify him as the driver.

Now Brusic says he'll work with authorities to find Vargas

Now the search is on to find Vargas with Brusic saying he's hoping to work with Authorities in Mexico to make and arrest.
A Facebook post by the Yakima County Sheriff's Office says;
"We are still investigating this hit-and-run fatality case and it will continue to take more time. There are more search warrants to write, evidence to collect, evidence to exam, and reports to write. We are working closely with the prosecutor getting the necessary evidence needed for a successful prosecution."

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