The story behind this young boy's Willie Nelson cover is a truly inspiring one. Logan Blade is autistic, and he doesn't speak — but boy can he sing!

Blade took the stage recently to cover Nelson's "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain," from the legend's Redheaded Stranger album. The song was originally recorded by Roy Acuff, but once you see Blade perform it, you'll know he was, without a doubt, channeling Nelson. Everything down to the inflection in his voice is reminiscent of the braided country icon.

According to Blade's Facebook page, he was diagnosed with autism when he was two years old. He doesn't speak often, but he was clearly blessed with the gift of song. It's incredible to watch his on stage presence in the video above (and in several of his other covers) because, despite his lack of conversational skills, he has no fear on stage. He's confident and poised and genuinely seems to enjoy singing songs he loves.

Nelson heard the cover and was also impressed, even sharing it on his own Facebook page. "Logan is Autistic. He has little to no speech. But he can sing Willie Nelson's music. Great job Logan!" the singer wrote with the video before signing it with "love."

Watch the video of Logan Blade covering Willie Nelson's "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" above.

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