I was checking out my daughter's school supplies list the other day.

It has the usual stuff we see on these back-to-school lists: a 3-ring binder, a bunch of No. 2 pencils, a half-dozen glue sticks, and wait, what's this--EARBUDS?

That's right, I noticed that earbuds are required for some students in the Yakima School District. What's this all about? I am guessing they are for use in the computer library. Pretty cool!

Here is my suggestion for the best place to get your child some earbuds for school: THE DOLLAR STORE. We've got Dollar Tree stores in Yakima and one in Selah.

That's right, get a pair of 'buds for a dollar. You can't beat that, right?!

If you don't want to go the cheap route, though, here are some other places in Yakima to grab some earbuds, and I threw the prices in there for you, too!

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