Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Native Americans have myriad names for the hairy, elusive, and mythical creatures. There are almost as many names for the big fella as there are tribes in North America. And the legendary stories are the things of, well, um, legend.

But, is the Bigfoot really mythical? There have been so many sightings all over the country and more than anywhere else, here in Washington State, where we lead the pack by a wide margin. And, if he's a myth, then explain that to Oklahoma State Legislature.

Big Foot
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This may sound crazy, even crazier than belief in the Sasquatch's actual existence in the first place. There's a State Representative in Oklahoma by the name of Justin Humphrey, who has introduced a bill that would create, wait for it, a BIGFOOT HUNTING SEASON.

According to FOX NEWS,

"The Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission shall promulgate rules establishing a big foot hunting season," the bill states. "The Commission shall set annual season dates and create any necessary specific hunting licenses and fees."

Yep. Some in Oklahoma want to strap on their camo, set up camp in the woods, and in fine Elmer Fudd fashion, be very very quiet until they spot Bigfoot and fill'm fulla' lead! Oh, the humanity! Or whatever designation that would include Sasquatch. Not everyone in the House of Representatives in Oklahoma is on-board with this and their state's version of the Department of Wildlife is completely dismissive of the idea.

The question is since Washington is by far the most prolific when it comes to Bigfoot sightings and encounters, would our state's hunters be up for the challenge? Or, is the big lug too close to......human?

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