When you live in Beer Country like Yakima, you have seen and done it all. Unusual beer creations are all around.

There is a beer it seems for every tatste. How about 'Dead Animal' Beer?


How about Pizza Beer?


Perhaps you fancy a Cannabis infused brew?


And then there is this – Beer Infused donuts.

Whatever your fancy, one thing most of us can agree on, Beer and donuts are a good thing – separate and together. It’s a pairing Homer Simpson would worship at the altar of. It seems like a no brainer right?

Donuts at The Wandering Hop / Photo Courtesy of The Wandering Hop

So I started looking for a place in Yakima that serves Donut Infused beer. I found at least one place in town that served up the pairing last year.

The Wandering Hop at 508 N 20th Ave in Yakima. Last year they introduced a limited Donut infused Beer.  


Now, back east, it’s becoming a thing. A trend started Boston (home of the Non-American Non-Yakima Hopped Sam Adams Beer) where they are creating donut infused beer and it's selling. There are variations of the Donut Beer. Some use coffee or stouts since they pair better with donuts.

Photo Courtesy of The Wandering Hop

Craft Brewers who experiment with Donut infused beer throw donuts in the mash as part of the process. According to brewers, donut infused beer “tastes like fall.”

The folks at The Wondering Hop say it tasted like a Churro. They also said it sold out quickly.

Donut Mash / Photo Courtesy of The Wandering Hop

Which leaves me wondering, why hasn’t a made a craft brew like this as a seasonal item? It’s worked well for Starbucks with the Pumpkin Spice Latte every year. Especially if it tastes like fall, it would be something that Yakima beer lovers could look forward to every year.

The Staff @ The Wandering Hop

Now, I am not a Craft Brewer. This is just not my field. Maybe it’s not cost effective. I am not sure, but it seems like a winner to me. Perhaps breweries could colaberate with other brewers or a donut business might show some interest.

I do know craft brewers are pretty smart folk, so I am challenging them to figure this donut infused beer thing out. Not just for me, but all us Yakimans.

Any takers?


All My Best,

The JimShow

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