We all know there are some pointless laws made in the United States of America, for instance, you can't legally buy meat in the state of Washington on Sundays. You think that's bad, in Idaho it's illegal to remove or tear down telegraph wires.

So what does the weirdest state in America have to offer regarding dumb laws? You'll have to find out below, but strap in, this is going to get really weird. If you're interested in the dumb laws Washington has just follow the link below!

Washington's Weirdest Laws

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5.) Don't Leave Human Waste on Highways

Remember, some of the dumbest laws in the world are only put in place because people were actually committing the crime. In Oregon, it's illegal to throw your waste or make waste. (We're talking about 💩💩💩)  Meaning people were actually throwing their 💩 out of their car windows or pulling over and 💩ing on the side of the road.


4.) You Can't Drive with Children Unless they are in the Car

You're thinking right about now, "duh", however, this isn't about having your kids in the back of the truck, no this is much darker. You can not drive anywhere while your kids or any child is on the hood, top, or trunk of your vehicle. Meaning People were telling their kids. "Hop on top of the hood Billy, when we get close to the school, tuck, and roll."


3.) No Swearing in Public Places

Ever said a bad word in public? not in Oregon ya don't, no Pottymouths will be tolerated. Not just cursing, but any offending gestures or words used towards other people is considered to be illegal in Oregon, no matter what your first amendment rights are.


2.) You Can't Hangout in a Graveyard at Night

We're not entirely sure who this law was made for but someone in Oregon thought it was a good idea. It's illegal to hang out in Graveyards or even be in one at night. They hope to keep the dead resting peacefully, especially at night. Granted this might be to ward off grave robbers, however, I don't think they're just hanging out. Wanna visit grandma? You have to do it during the day.



1.) No Fortune Telling

Oregon is full of some weirdest stuff you can imagine, so why is it they've outlawed fortune telling? Or any of the "dark arts" You're telling me Harry Potter wouldn't be welcome in Oregon? Granted, I was approached by a man in an alley asking if I wanted my palm read.


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