If you're a Seafood lover you better loosen up that belt and slap on that bib, we're gonna be talking about the best places in Washington to grab a bowl of Clam Chowder.

We'll mainly be focusing on the places around Yakima with only a few places around western Washington where you can find the most delicious bowl of Clam Chowder.

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4.) Powerhouse Grill

Powerhouse grill is home to so many amazing dishes served up right here in the Yakima Valley, their cooks and rest of the crew go above and beyond to give you a meal you swear your grandma would have made. To my surprise, I found out they have their own Clam Chowder that's to die for. The only catch is you have to be there for when it's the Soup of The Day.

3.) Second Street Grill

One of Yakima's favorites also has its own Clam Chowder dish that will leave you coming back for more. Their chowder is both delicious and hearty so you won't leave on an empty stomach, but if ya want a little more sea life to your meal I'd suggest their fish and chips!

2.) Main Stop on the Ave

You would think they brought their chowder straight from the sea and made it on their way back to land, the chowder is so fresh and delicious it's hard to believe it's right here in Eastern Washington. Everything else on the menu at Main Stop is next-level delicious whether you're going for breakfast or lunch, but a must-try from me is gonna be the Clam Chowder.

1.) Ivars Seafood Bar 

Started in 1938 as a Seafood restaurant based in Seattle it quickly became the talk of the town with people declaring it's the best seafood around. Flash forward to today and they have hundreds of locations in Washington. Rightfully so, it may be fast food but it still has that delicious seafood cuisine we all love. They even have their own Clam chowder and more than just one option. They have the original Clam Chowder that you can get served normally or in a bread bowl, there's also the customer favorite of the Red Chowder that comes with bacon, tomato paste, and your regular clam chowder for a blend of delectable flavors!

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