It's National Cocktail Day, so of course, we had to go out for drinks after the show and celebrate the only way we know-how. If you're in the Yakima Valley looking for a good place to go hang out and have a drink, we've got a few places in mind.

Yakima is the home of hops and craft beer is a badge Yakima wears proudly, we even have some of the best vineyards you'll find in Washington. But do Yakima bars have what it takes to make a good, stiff cocktail?

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We have three spots in the Yakima Valley sure to win you over with their cocktail creations, just check out the list below!

3.) Bill's Place on South 3rd Avenue

Bill's place has been dubbed by many as the go-to dive bar in the Yakima Valley. With plenty of drink choices and talented bartenders willing to craft your favorite cocktail, you can't go wrong here. I have it on good authority that they make a delicious White Russian.

2.) Fuego Margarita Bar on s 48th Ave

Fuego Margarita Bar has some of the best mixologists, (aka very experienced Bartenders) coming up with some of the best Margaritas you'll find in the Valley. It's a great place to kick back, maybe dance a little, and enjoy a marg or six! (Drink responsibly)

1.) Cowichie Canyon Kitchen & Ice House Bar

This place is my all-time favorite restaurant in the Yakima Valley, one of the first places I ate and one I continue to revisit any chance I get. However we're here to talk about cocktails, let me tell you their Ice House Bar is next level when it comes to cocktails, their servers know how to pour and they have me try something new every time I'm there.

Where's your favorite place to grab a drink? Should we add it to the list? let us know!

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